Essential Documentation

We prepare and present employee to meet legal requirements and ensure you are protected in the event of a claim. We help with employment contracts, employee handbooks, HR policies and procedures, as well as standard letters

Executive Recruitment

We manage the whole recruitment process, from the scoping of the position and screening of applications, to the introduction of suitable candidates. We also ensure your employment policies, procedures and practices are up to date and in line with best practice and legal compliance

Organizational Change –

We help manage and communicate change within your organization, whether it is a redundancy situation, providing outplacement support, advising on legislation or developing internal communications strategies

Training And Development

We develop your employees realize their full potential and, in turn, help your business grow. We provide workshops and programs tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore we provide development systems to help you identify and retain the talent within your organization

Retained HR Support –

If you have little or no HR expertise, we provide tailored operational support that covers all your HR requirements. Feel free to call +234-81-81-494-494 for more information

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